Do you want to support us ?


If you are interested to support the goals and ideas of the Förderkreis Internationale Chortage Mainhausen, there are various possibilities:

ü      I would like to assist you personally in your activities.


  apply for membership and contact one of the board members


ü      I would like to support the Förderkreis financially.


  Fill out the form below and thereby apply for membership for a continued support


ü      I will be happy to accommodate one or more international visitors in my house in the next international choir festival.


  Where do you live ? Please contact us via e-mail or fax.


ü      Donations


  Send us your donation by wire transfer or – for a more continued support – apply for membership and authorize us to debit your account with the amount you choose.

We are a registered non-profit organization and donations to us are tax deductible in Germany. We kindly ask for your understanding that in order to avoid unnecessary administration cost we will issue individual receipts for donations above €100 during one year at the beginning of the following year. For donations below €100 usually a copy of the bank receipt is sufficient.


ü      I would like to sing in a choir.


 in Mainhausen there are all kinds of choirs: female choirs, men choirs, mixed choirs, youth choirs, gospel choirs, ... just the whole spectrum of singing together and having fun. Just send us an e-mail or a fax and we will be more than happy to inform you about the choir you like to meet, their conductor or contact person, rehearsal hours, literature, etc. 


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