Welcome words of Ruth Disser, mayoress


Wir laden gern uns Gäste ein ! (We like to host !)

These words from Johann Strauss’ are sung in his “Fledermaus” and we in Mainhausen live it. Since ancient times vocal music puts a profound fascination to people everywhere. And this original form of musical expression also still plays a special role in our community.

The Choir Days in Mainhausen support the manifold forms of vocal music and have brought us numerous marvellous concerts with choirs from all over the world, with different programs and all kinds of music.

Since more than 25 years, the International Choir Days Mainhausen have a supporting association, the “Förderkreis”. And this association, carried by the idealism of the active members, has made it possible year after year to establish a successful forum to international choir music in Mainhausen.


Ruth Disser, Chairwoman