Welcome to the 10th International Choir Days Mainhausen

Since 1988 the international choir community has been meeting here in Mainhausen to celebrate a top event.Thrilling competitions and extraordinary concerts by choirs from all over the world present choir music at the highest level. They as well as the visiting audience, professional choir conductors and many other choir music enthusiasts enjoy the friendship and the special hospitaliy of our village and this region, which is unique in its variety and diversity of choir music tradition. The competitions usually require the highest degree of choir literature and artistic expression but nonetheless this event does not only focus on the competition but encourages the participating choirs to meet and learn from each other and to celebrate their new friendship. We offer joint opening and final concerts and believe that the presentation of different styles and cultural expression is a gift to all participating choirs and the audience. Mainhausen lies very near to Frankfurt Airport and offers many possibilities to visit Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg, Würzburg or Aschaffenburg as well as the beautiful Spessart and Odenwald regions.



Patron of the 10th International Choir Days Mainhausen

Boris Rhein, Minister for Science and Arts in Hessen



Festival President of the 10th International Choir Days Mainhausen

Frank Lortz, Vice President of the Landtag in Hessen


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